Our team includes solicitors with years of experience handling cases throughout courtrooms in New South Wales.


Our team includes solicitors with years of experience handling cases throughout courtrooms in New South Wales.

Messenger Cole Solicitors merges regional accessibility with city-based prowess, offering comprehensive legal solutions across a spectrum of areas.

Our team simplifies legal processes with ease, delivering expert guidance with a commitment to client success.

John Cole


John Cole has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of local government, town planning and development. He is a specialist advocate in the Land and Environment Court where he is recognized as a problem solver, negotiator and communicator.

John also has experience as a lecturer, solicitor, Council advocate, registered town planner and certified practicing planner. His background in town planning alongside a degree in Commerce has facilitated an in-depth knowledge of the practical, economic and commercial aspects of development proposals and construction, and the many disciplines associated in the project approval process. It is because John acts for both Councils and developers that his understanding of the mutual goals of each side enables him to reverse-engineer a design concept and provide tailored in-depth guidance that considers every angle.

His early involvement and advice is effective in eliminating problems before they crystallize, regardless of whether it is a renovation or subdivision for the family home or a large scale residential flat building and retail precinct. He settles the majority of his litigation matters early ensuring his clients can achieve their desired outcomes without sacrificing the commercial viability of their projects, as well as maintaining the trust of the greater community.

John is passionate about affordable housing solutions and exploring ways in which the overall planning system could better solve the challenges before it.

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Tom Messenger


Tom Messenger has over 14 years of experience in a variety of legal matters in both a regional and a metropolitan context. He has advised and advocated for a wide array of clients over that time, with a particular interest on litigation, transactional matters, property, estates, town planning and local government.

In addition to his broader practice, Tom has been recognised by the Law Society of New South Wales as an accredited specialist in town planning and environment law (relevantly including accreditation in local government advice) and has worked for many individuals, developers and councils on complex planning issues, property transactions, and in Land & Environment Court litigation.

Tom’s approach to solving complex issues as if the problem was his own adds immeasurable value in any scenario.

Christopher Messenger


Christopher is a highly experienced and respected practitioner who has been a solicitor in both Orange and Sydney for some 40 years and continues to practice in the areas of conveyancing, property, litigation and wills and estates.

His work over this period saw him develop strong relationships with government authorities and the community alike. His experience and standing has been reflected in the various appointments throughout his career, including as a local government code of conduct reviewer, a Supreme Court costs assessor, a mediator for the District Court of NSW, Personal Injury Commission and the Rural Assistance Board, and an arbitrator for the Workers Compensation Commission.

Alex Epstein

Senior Associate

Alex Epstein has over 6 years of experience in planning and environment law acting for both Councils, Developers, charities and individuals.

Alex has demonstrated extensive knowledge in planning law and is particularly passionate about sustainable development. Her ability to prepare complex legal advices and act as a solicitor advocate in Court proceedings for Councils, businesses and individuals makes her a versatile resource in litigous matters. Her ability to manage legal matters and liaise with all parties involved generally facilitates an environment of excellence for her clients and ensures deadlines are met without fail which can be pivotal in achieving consent and early settlements.

Alex is a trusted advisor as a result of her approach to all matters with an intelligent level of nuance, especially in large-scale development projects with mass community enagement.

Stacey Canham


Stacey Canham has been practicing in property matters and as a licensed conveyancer since the early 2000’s and since 2016 has continued to do so at Messenger Cole Solicitors.

Stacey is experienced in all types of conveyancing transactions including advising on, drafting, and executing leases, licenses, easements and mortgages. Stacey conducts well over 150 property transactions annually and has developed a wide range of knowledge in complex planning and property issues faced by Councils, Developers and individuals in the process.

This undertanding facilitates her ability to deliver cost effective property services swiftly and efficiently.

Stacey is also a certified PEXA member and is able to facilitate almost all transactions remotely, removing the tyranny of distance and delays involved in manual processing of transactions.

Robyn Churchland


Blanka Vrebac


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Skye Ostini


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