Expert representation for civil and commercial disputes in various courts and tribunals, acting for both plaintiffs or defendants in litigation cases.


Expert representation for civil and commercial disputes in various courts and tribunals, acting for both plaintiffs or defendants in litigation cases.


We advise on a wide range of civil and commercial dispute matters and can represent you in the Local, District, Supreme Courts and New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) as either the plaintiff/applicant or the defendant/respondent.

Self-represented clients may find it difficult to understand the documents they receive or are served with, and the complex rules and procedures that must be followed in each separate Court jurisdiction (in addition to effectively making arguments based on relevant legislation and case law) which can jeopardise the success of the case, result in higher costs and Court orders to pay the other side’s legal costs.

Experienced legal assistance ensures no procedural mistakes or missteps occur such as improper filing and service of documents, or inadequate evidence preparation which both cause added delays, costs and sometimes dismissal of the case altogether.

Matters heard in Court as well as those resolved in private mediation can have long lasting financial, personal or business-related consequences that fail to consider future issues, so it is important that a qualified lawyer presents the best possible case on your behalf with minimal risk in order to protect your interests long-term.

Our solicitors have over four decades of experience as solicitor advocates in various jurisdictions, and can manage all aspects of a dispute in a competitive, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our expertise allows us to provide strategic advice from the outset which can assist you in avoiding costly Court proceedings and drawn out disputes altogether.

As a business ourselves, we understand the importance of a practical approach that preserves your rights and future success, especially in periods of economic downturn where simple legal mistakes cannot be afforded.

  • Debt recovery.
  • Contract disputes and negotiations including commercial agreements, contracts and partnerships.
  • Leasing and tenancy disputes.
  • Corporate and employment disputes as well as strategic advice on corporate structure and governance compliance.
  • Commercial property and leasing.
  • Corporate power of Attorney.
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy.
  • Compensation and damages in matters of negligence and breach of contract.
  • Settlement negotiations and/or amicable alternative dispute resolution.
Did you know?

We also represent our clients in Court proceedings and disputes in the areas of planning, environment, property, local government, estates and probate.

Accredited Specialists

Tom is an accredited specialist in planning and environment law, while John is a certified practising town planner as well as a solicitor.

40+ Years Experience

In acting for both Councils and private clients/developers, we are uniquely positioned to provide advice that is based on a thorough understanding of both sides.

Expansive Network

We maintain strong relationships with an expansive network of experts across many disciplines and barristers who are willing to support our clients further on short notice.